here are the ways we partner with our clients


We represent our clients, acting as a fiduciary and utilizing our brokerage. The client owns the property from day one, while we place the tenant, manage the property and provide 100% visibility into the rehab.

joint ventures

We partner with our clients acting as your boots on the ground and asset manager. We'll find, structure, negotiate and close these deals alongside you, and even invest our own money.

equity partnerships

Using our extensive network, work ethic, experience, and creativity we are able to source investment opportunities not simply found web browsing. This type of investing allows you to be a part of an asset class you likely would not be able to take down on your own.


"See clearly what you're betting on - and if you're unsure, you've already lost."



live free investments testimonial

“Logan has a drive and energy that is contagious. he generously offers his time, experience, and vast network to help investors.”

- Caleb W.

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