logan freeman, founder

Logan Freeman began LiveFree Investments in early 2018 after the corporate world had let him down one too many times. Real estate has always been his passion and got kicked into full gear after completing his first live-in flip in 2013. Today, with over 80 successful real estate transaction and $13 million completed for investors annually, he has created a proven track record to provide his investment clients the confidence and security they desire.

Logan feels there are two things that set him apart from other investor agents; his never ending hustle and is proactive communication. He is continually investing into himself so he can provide great value to his investors; making sure to pivot and listening to what the market is providing. A driving philosophy is, “What got you here, won’t get you there.”



  • Strong returns on capital from secure, collateralized real estate investments.

  • Portfolio diversification with minimal to modest volatility and no correlation to the broader equity and fixed income markets.

  • Properties are managed in-house by our professional management team.

  • Ability to fund your investment with cash, a self-directed IRA, or both.

  • 1031 Exchange gains