Whether you’re looking to get started in real estate or you’re a seasoned professional wondering if LiveFree can help you, these FAQ’s are a great place to start.

+Why real estate investing?

Three main reasons: (1) tax benefits including depreciation, (2) equity build-up through having someone else paying down the note and (3) cash-flow. Real estate is a tangible asset, and they aren’t making any more land. It fits the five must have commandments for an investment: need, entry, control, scale, and time.

+Is real estate investment risky?

Isn’t not investing in real estate risky? If you buy right, manage right, and finance right you can limit your exposure to risk.

+I'm not sure if I have enough money to invest.

Let’s talk. You might have hidden dollars that are sitting in a retirement account you didn’t know you could invest with. We've made the transition from retirements accounts in traditional funds to having total checkbook control of our money. Now that’s great!

+Is real estate investment time consuming?

Yes, and that is why it is rewarding! But if you have the right team in place, like LiveFree Investments, it’s a lot easier!

+How will LiveFree Investments help me?

We'll let you form your own answer to this after we talk. We're not here to sell you, nor do we need to.

+Can i use my retirement funds to invest in real estate?

Yes! Let’s talk - I can point you in the right direction.

+Will I have to be a landlord if i own a real estate investment?

No! Utilize a great property management company. We can help.

+What has been LIveFree Investment's track record?

This year alone we've helped our clients purchase over 13MM in real estate assets and our company manages a portfolio of over 400 homes and 40MM in value.

+What is RE syndication?

Pooling together investors funds to go tackle a large project. True passive investing. Check out this video

+Single family homes or multi-family homes?

What’s your end goal? Check out this video.

+Why Kansas City?

We have a low cost of living, great diversified employers who are pushing strong job growth, and a need for rentals.

If you have further questions or would like to discuss working together, click below and drop us a note.