I have been in the real estate industry for over 10 years and have experience in a few different markets around the country. Logan is by far the best of the best when it comes to a real estate investors agent. Being an out of state investor Logan is a great source as your boots on the ground. When something needs to be done, he gets it done. Logan offers a wealth of knowledge and I was always able to bounce anything off him if I needed help with it. Above all of that, the thing that stands out most about Logan is his honesty and hard work ethic. Logan is not just my real estate agent, I now consider him a good friend.

Rich T. - Boston, MA

"Logan has been invaluable as my 'boots on the ground' in Kansas City. He has a drive and energy that is contagious. I was only in Kansas City for 2 days but in that short period of time we were able to get a 12-unit under contract. Logan generously offers his time, experience and vast network of other stellar real estate professionals in the KC area to assist out of state investors in acquiring and leasing great properties. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Logan again and hope to do so soon!"

- Caleb W.

"Logan is a great resource for the Kansas City area. He is extremely knowledgeable and more than willing to share this knowledge. As a new out-of-state investor, he took the time to walk through future purchases as well as give some market insights. This is invaluable for an out-of-state investor and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get involved in Kansas City real estate. I look forward to working with him many more times in the future!"

-Beth T.

Logan is incredibly driven, motivated, honest and has been a tremendous partner. In addition, he knows the Kansas City market incredibly well and steered me away from some potentially bad deals. I couldn’t have picked up four properties quickly without him, as he was all over the available deals. we reviewed deals Daily, hunted and made offers until we found ones that worked. I particularly like that Logan has the same incentive as me as an investor, to find the best properties available that will rent well and be relatively trouble free. I view Logan as a trusted partner and continue to value his time, energy and knowledge and I look forward to finding more properties together.

-Marcus F.
San Diego

"I worked with several sources before I found Logan while attempting to purchase investment property in KC. Logan is the real deal as an investors agent. He tours countless properties, responds in timelines that actually offer an opportunity to capture a deal, and is knowledgeable about the market there. He isn't afraid to check out 5 houses on an icy morning or prepare an offer that makes sense even in a hot market."

- Dori C.

“Logan brings together a ton of skills in the areas of construction, property management, sales, and negotiations. He is also an investor and is extremely knowledgeable in the Kansas City market. Logan helped me purchase an SFR in the Kansas City area and the property ended up appraising $9k higher than the purchase price. I highly recommend Logan as a realtor and advisor.”

- Ryan F.

“Logan is knowledgeable, professional, and a hard worker. He looked at several properties, made many offers and helped me through the process of finding, negotiating and closing our property. I would recommend him to an out of state investor and is always great to work with someone who invests in real estate themselves. “

- Vineet S