live free investments testimonial from dori

"I worked with several sources before I found Logan while attempting to purchase investment property in KC. Logan is the real deal as an investors agent. He tours countless properties, responds in timelines that actually offer an opportunity to capture a deal, and is knowledgeable about the market there. He isn't afraid to check out 5 houses on an icy morning or prepare an offer that makes sense even in a hot market."

- Dori C

live free investments testimonial from Ryan

“Logan brings together a ton of skills in the areas of construction, property management, sales, and negotiations. He is also an investor and is extremely knowledgeable in the Kansas City market. Logan helped me purchase an SFR in the Kansas City area and the property ended up appraising $9k higher than the purchase price. I highly recommend Logan as a realtor and advisor.”

- Ryan F.

live free investments testimonial from VIneet

“Logan is knowledgeable, professional, and a hard worker. He looked at several properties, made many offers and helped me through the process of finding, negotiating and closing our property. I would recommend him to an out of state investor and is always great to work with someone who invests in real estate themselves. “

- Vineet S