About a month ago I started a new journey: I completely changed my professional career and joined another great company. I am going to write about a few of my learning’s throughout this process.

It needs to be noted that this change was significant:in size of company, responsibility, and culture…

We all read about change – We read that change fosters growth. Change is hard. Change is necessary. If you haven’t read about change, simply check out the Google results here: Change All this is great on paper, right? It is easy to simply read these articles and get pumped about “changing.” Then what happens? Nothing.

I asked myself something very inquisitive: Why?

I came up with this answer – any idea or change that you want to implement must follow this simple rule:

It must be complete on the theoretical level AND effective at the applied level.

What’s this mean to you? It means when you are evaluating a mental model or a new way of approaching a scenario – simply make sure it hits both of these criteria. Because theoretical ideas are great for brainstorming, they aren’t great at knocking to-do’s off the list. And because just knocking things off the to-do list will help get things done, but are they the right things?

Action Steps:

  1. What’s the one thing if you completed right now, that in and of itself would make everything else easier or unnecessary?

  2. Then do it.

  3. Repeat

Be great, nothing else pays